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Getting the perfect headshot is not easy. Headshots are the most complex form of a photoshoot because it requires technique, skills, and patience. For a good headshot, it is imperative for the clients to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera and their cameraman.

We are a team of experts in Dubai who take the responsibility of a good headshot entirely upon ourselves. We believe that a person’s appearance on camera is more about the photographer than themself. The person should be confident, definitely, but while using professional cameras, it is also about the techniques, especially headshots.

Since we use online platforms to connect with our clients, we make sure that our potential clients feel comfortable with us and our approach to photography. However, with such a delicate task of capturing the headshots of a person while building a relationship with them on an online platform, we feel it is quite a difficult and sensitive matter.

This is why, to reach that level of understanding and comfort, we only include professional experts in our team.

Actor headshot packages

For our actor clients, we have three different packages for headshots from which they can easily choose. We have designed these packages so that they cover almost all the requirements of our client. You will be amazed to know that if you are looking for any specific requirement which is not already included in these packages, then you can contact the concerned person and get it included in the package.

Details about different headshot packages that we offer are listed below:

  1. For people who are new to this field, we recommend ‘Stage Door Package’. It is a nice 30 minutes shoot at a location of your choice. You will get 50 images in which you can try all your expressions! You will also get 2 fully retouched images of your choice. This package is only for 900 AED, which is a great deal, especially for beginners and new talent.
  2. If you are looking for a package to capture a wider range of emotions, then you must try ‘Casting Pro Package’. We have curated this package, keeping in mind that an experienced actor has many emotions that they want to showcase while getting photographed. This is why we have extended the time of the shoot to 1 hour in this package. You will also get 100 images and 5 retouched images of your choice. You will get both colored and black & white pictures that capture every detail of your emotion and mood. We charge a total of 1500 AED for this package from our clients.
  3. This package is best for people who are looking for television work. During this shoot, our team of experts captures many striking pictures that will catch the attention of almost everyone without fail. It is an extensive shoot of 2 hours, and you will get a total of 200 images. The shoot will be done at the location of your choice, giving more room for comfort and expression. You will also get 10 fully retouched images. This package costs 2300 AED, which is definitely a steal deal.

Additional Perks

All these packages and the prices that have been mentioned are inclusive of any lighting cost. However, these packages are not entirely rigid, and therefore, if you require any additional style or set-up, then you can contact us for assistance.


Our team is completely professional and ensures that your photoshoot is memorable and comfortable. We believe that when the photographer is friendly, it gives the model more room to express themselves and pose. We have 18 years of experience, which is surely an accomplishment. We have an extremely happy clientbase, and we always aim to help more people with their photoshoots to provide them with the best headshots.

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